Principal's Welcome,

Dear P.S. 257 Family and Community,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another year of learning at P.S. 257.  I am excited that even through all the uncertainties we are currently experiencing, you are in a place that is committed to making your learning experience a positive and memorable one.  As your principal, I am committed to ensuring the safety of all students and staff members.  I am also committed to ensuring that all students receive a high quality education and that my staff members have all the necessary resources and materials to make that happen.

Public School 257 is and has always been a very special place in my heart.  I remember walking into the building for the very first time as a teacher and thinking to myself, "this is a place where I will plant myself and make a difference."  Little did I know that almost two decades later I would become the principal.  I am truly blessed and honored to serve the Williamsburg community at this stature.  


I’m a product of the New York City Public School system as I also grew up in Williamsburg.  I understand the many struggles that members in our community experience day in and day out.  However, I never allowed the nay-sayers or the circumstances in my environment to determine my destiny.  I had many positive educators that saw more in me than I sometimes saw in myself.  I can assure you that at  P.S. 257 we still have those same positive educators like the ones I had as a little child.  

I truly believe in the power of partnership and I look forward to working with you this year to help your children succeed academically and become productive members of our community.  I am here to listen, to serve, and to help improve and equip the lives of our future leaders.  Together we can and we will move this community forward.   




Idalys Camacho


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Assistant Principal's  Welcome,

Good day community members,

My name is Melvin Martinez. I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I am a proud husband and father of two amazing teenage sons; both are outstanding graduates of P.S. 257.  I began my career in 1995 as a Special Education Teacher. For ten years, I was thrilled to educate students with unique needs or communication disorders. For the last 15 years, I've served my school as its vivacious Assistant Principal.  I am proud to say we are the most exceptional and innovative elementary schools in New York City.  Our school received an "A," the highest rating for elementary school, for eight consecutive years. P.S. 257 and one other school within District 14 can add this to the list of their accomplishments.  Additionally, for the last eight years, P.S. 257 was awarded "Good Academic Standing"; certified by the New York State Department of Education.  

In 2006, I had the honor of being elected as our school's Assistant Principal. During this time, I redeveloped and reconstructed our school's budget. I advocated for more fundraising opportunities to provide students with the resources they need to achieve their full academic potential. One of my proudest fundraising events, collecting cans, enabled our school to raise enough funds to establish our school's first drumline and marching band! The funds helped to purchase drums and other musical instruments for the students. 

Additionally, I  used my indelible personality to persuaded our school's principal to participate in ballroom dancing. Since then, our school has various titles, including winning 1st place in the N.Y.C. Ballroom Dancing Championship that year! Inspired by our collective success, I, along with another colleague, wrote a federal grant proposal to establish our school as the Magnet School of the Performing Arts! Through hard work and perseverance, our school earned this high honor. The Magnet School of the Performing Arts now has exciting programs such as: piano instruction, music theory, marching band, ballet, singing, acting, and dance. We are making our school an excellent place for students to learn and explore the arts and technology. 

Every morning, our excited staff greets each student with a sunny smile and a Magnet School hello! Magnet School 257 has now become the popular choice for parents to send their children. Our performing arts programs continue to persuade parents across the district!

My hobbies are music, baseball, and football. 
During my spare time, I have helped our local high school student-athletes garner over 5 million dollars in college scholarships since 2002.   

Our History

Founded in 1962, Public School 257 is the heart of East Williamsburg. Public School 257, also known as Magnet School of the Performing Arts 257, continues to service our students and community for over 20 years. Magnet School 257's warm and inviting staff are committed to the academic and social-emotional success of every student who enters our doors. 

Magnet School 257

Our Mission

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Public School 257's mission is to provide children with a secure, nurturing environment where they will grow to their fullest potential. P.S. 257 will motivate all children to learn in order to become responsible and productive members of society.