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Marching Band

Program Leader: Ms. Hernandez 

As the "heartbeat" of our school, the Marching Band strives to make a positive difference in the lives of band members by providing each student with the tools to help them achieve their potential as they develop community, confidence, responsibility, and leadership skills. 


Program Leader: Ms. Miranda

Our dance program strives to teach a mixture of artistry, athleticism, and culture, as we help mold our students to be well-rounded members of the dance community and society.

Piano Club

Program Leader: Mr. Siegel

Our Piano Club builds on the musical foundational skills students have acquired from grades kindergarten through 2nd.  These include music theory, music reading, and composing their own music.  Students participate and perform in the annual Music Recital at the end of the school year.

Chess Club

Program Leader: Ms. Matos 

Chess in the Schools fosters the intellectual and social development of our students through chess education.  Students participate in borough and city-wide tournaments throughout the school year.

Debate Team

Program Leaders: Ms. Tejada & Mr. Bussi

Magnet School debaters learn effective stategies to affirm or oppose selected resolutions or topics.  Students compete in classroom and district-wide debates, to develop their analytical, reading, 

Bike Club 

Program Leader: Ms. Matos

In collaboration with Woodhull Hospital and Recycle a Bike, a non-profit organization, our Bike Club introduces our students to cycling and the cultural gems of NYC while maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Student Council

Program Leaders: Mrs. Mejia & Ms. Lopez 

A council of elected representatives by the student body at P. S. 257. They encourage character education and empower civic duties with all year-round initiatives. A council of ambassadors representing student voice in our school.

                                "For the kids, By the kids".

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